Since the last hospitalization, the voices have not been that present in our lives, they have upped the script to Invega and suggested he take this in the am, Do you know how hard it is to remind him to take his meds in the morning. NOT EASY. We are getting ready for christmas. This year we have decided to just buy for the kids in the family. we have 3 nieces and 1 nephew and 1 little cousin between the two of us, So we did get each child except for the baby 2 small presents each. Than we bought for each other. VJ found his the day I brought it home, the rat…LOL..he hid mine at the Mother in laws house since he knows I am a snoop.

Things are going well in the homefront. well this is all for now.




What do u think?

So VJ and I have been engaged since March my ring is a beautiful sapphire that he orginally have me as a promise ring? Than he asked me to marry him and told me he would get me a new ring and I said no. I love my ring and don’t want another, does this make us engaged or no? Ppl are saying no because he did not provide me a diamond. I believe it has to do with the love and thought! In other words we have both given ourself to Jesus recently and have been attending church regularly it has changed our lives dramatically. As always. With love 4-1-11