Well it happened again

Well it happened again the voices got so bad this week and were telling my love it was time to die and to harm himself. So he went to our local ccs crisis care unit and they pink slipped him so he is now in a psych unit about 30 mins away. I miss.him so much! Thank god for family and friends standing by us and making sure we are both ok! I talked to his social worked and mentioned that I think it is time for a Ned change. He is on the highest dose of seroquil at 800mg that he has been on for about 10 years as well as the highest dose of invega at 9 mg but he keeps having break through issues that get this bad, I know he is safe where he is and I don’t have to worry about comin home and finding him dead which is my greatest fear.
I have honestly had about 2 anxiety attacks everyday due to this plus other personal family issues I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown so I will be getting checked as well. Well that is all for now I have been up since 5 am est due to not being able to sleep. Things keep running through my mind.
Love you all


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