Things are looking up

Well things are looking up here in our home, VJ was back in the hospital for a few days and they upped his invega to 6mg they also suggested he take it at night so he would not keep forgetting it. And it is working! He has been also going to church with his best friend during the week and this week started going to a guys night at church where they speak about different sins. Tonight’s conversation was on porn and lust. VJ does not have any issues with porn at all he admits to having issues with lust, I admire him for admitting this to me. He is trying so hard to learn where the line is and how not to cross it. He is such a differnt changed man from who he was 3 years ago when I met him. I love him so much and yes I also have my issues with trust an jealousy but I am working non that myself. I cannot wait until the day I marry him and we start a family together, I am not scared of our future we have made it this far.


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