Question for the loved ones

Have any of you ever felt that you are the cause of the issue? Or that you contribute if u are not the cause? The reason I ask is because I feel this way not all the time but I usually say to myself maybe of I wasn’t with him he would be ok, I know I irratate him when I say I’m sorry when I haven’t done anything or ask him if he is mad at me. VJ went to church this evening with his best friend I stayed home since I am doing about 20 hrs of overtime this week. When they got back VJ was in the other room when his friend asked me if we could talk on tues when I go to his house ( I watch his stepdaughter) it made me concered and he said that it will help me deal with my love, I don’t know what to think. True they have known each other since VJ was 7 but I hate feeling like I have done something wrong whenever someone wants to talk to me. Well this is all for tonight.



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