The weekend

Well I know it has been a few days it has been a busy weekend in our house. Friday night was a bad night for us, the voices came back hard! VJ was curled up next to me almost shaking, he ended up hitting the wall. He gets so frustrated, I got upset and instead of him seeing me cry and get him even more upset I came out to our living room. He followed me out here and stood in the doorway, just standing there, not saying anything to the point where I was starting to get a little scared for the first time in 2 years. VJ doesn’t understand there is two of us, I am going through this as well as him no I don’t have the voices, but I sit here and can look into the face of my lover, best friend and see the hurt on his face. I can never show emotion such as crying do to the nervous feeling and no being able to do anything. He is learning tho. Saturday we had a graduation party for my little cousin at the family lake cottage in nh VJ had a great day, we even took the paddle boat out for a little and laughing at each other because of how much our legs hurt. I than brought him home cause he was starting to get a headache ( we both suffer from extreme migraines) and I went to babysit my nieces. And today VJ volunteered and I went to work for a few hrs for some much need ot. Than we spent the after noon fishing. The look on his face seems like it may be a good night! Well talk to you all later.
Much love


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