Sorry for the lap!

Sorry for the lap in posts, things are going well. The voices have gone back to “normal” but what is normal when it comes to voices? VJ says that it is like a constant screaming and yelling in his ears, does anyone else experience this? He says that sometimes they tell him he is worthless, which he is not. Now I told you that he was diagnosed at 17 from what I have read about the disorder is that a sudden change or prolonged drug use can make this appear. VJ was an addict he started using cocaine at the age of 14 and at the age of 17 was a heavy user, that on top of a hard death for him, his grandfather. This is what contributed to his illness. Now mental illnesses do run in his family as well. I guess we will never know. The only thing I know for certain is this man has my heart and soul! Yes, he may drive me crazy but in the end I love him more and more everyday! 4-1-11


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