Will it ever get better?

The reason for the title tonight, the voices are back. Me being the loving girlfriend I am I wish I could snap my fingers and make them go away so he feels better. But alas I cannot, don’t you ever wish they would find a cure or a miraculous pill that would make all mental illnesses go away? I know I do! But this is the life we live. VJ doesn’t usually hide when he is having a bad day from me, kinda hard when I know him so well! I just don’t think he tells me everything. One clue, sitting here not saying anything doing my thing and I get “what did you say” with a glare coming my way. Nothing babe I reply! And he looks at me with a blank stare. His mom tells me I’m an angel. Trust me I’m no angel! She said she believes I helped him, sometimes yes I can see that, other times I am sitting here going is this because of me? When I know it isn’t. Let me tell you a secret I was diagnosed with depression at age 15 due to bullying and family life, I don’t take meds but I am the type of person who takes everything to heart and even tho I know it isn’t me.*shakes head* if he is mad I ask are you mad at me? It frustrates him more. Oops! I am always asking are you happy? And no matter how many times he tells me yes( and I believe him) I wonder in the back of my head is he telling me the truth.

Well that is it for today gotta make his favorite dinner 😍



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  1. I too wish at times that they find a magical pill that makes it all go away. I guess it’s our courage to continue living and not letting mental illness win that counts. I’m glad I found your blog! Blessed Be!

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