One of the bad days

Well, today the voices started so it is gonna be a quiet night in our house. Over the last two years with VJ I have learned that voices mean zoning out and me having to repeat myself multiple times. Sometimes the meds help sometimes they don’t. So I will be sitting here blogging or reading tonight. Sometimes I can’t stand the voices, VJ thinks when I say that I am saying I can’t stand him but that is so not the case. In a way the voices make me doubt myself as a girlfriend they make me doubt our relationship. It sucks yes it does! The doctors like changing meds around and when VJ tells them they aren’t working or they are causing other issues they say “well give it some time” yay just what I want to do! There is a strong chance that if we have kids our children will have a mental illness as well since it does run on both sides of our family. Am I nervous? YES! Am I ready for the challenge you betcha. I love this man through good and bad and honestly would not change anything about him or his illness. This is who he is and who I fell in love with! 4-1-11. Have a great night all!


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